Entertain Your Fans And Share In The Fun!

Introducing FANZOOKA! The explosive new way to elevate the fan experience and generate more revenue for your event and its sponsors. It enables your fans to display user-generated content to screens around your event. FANZOOKA is blazingly fast and easy to use. All you need is a mobile device and Wi-Fi or cell connectivity. Your fans then snap photos throughout your event and shoot them onto your sponsored screens. It’s that easy!


  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Tailgating
  • Festivals
  • Trade Shows
  • Company Parties
  • Fund Raisers
  • Corporate Events


  • Quick Set Up
  • Easy To Use
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Safe & Secure Monitoring
  • Less Subscription Limitations
  • Instant Approval & Posting
  • Numerous Media Upload Options

Increase Consumer Engagement And Sponsorship.

FANZOOKA’s unique fan-engagement platform takes social sharing to new heights. Now fans are no longer just watching the event, but they’re also participating in it with other friends and fans – and you and your sponsors will reap the benefits. Each designated FANZOOKA screen will be connected via Wi-Fi to display user-generated content through interactive templates. Your marketing team can design/brand your unique event templates to promote your event sponsors and drive fan engagement. A win-win for all!



FANZOOKA empowers fans, with Wi-Fi or cell connectivity, to contribute fun, entertaining content to one or more designated digital boards/screens throughout your event. All event content is reviewed and approved by event Moderators. All inappropriate or offensive content will be easily deleted before they are ever displayed to the public. So all your fans have to do is:

Now For Your Feature Presentation...

FANZOOKA couldn’t be more fan-friendly to use. Here are just a few of its many fan-tastic features:


  1. Instagram & Twitter – Fans can post with one or more #hashtag combinations.
  2. Text Message – They can bypass social media and post via a text message.
  3. Event Web Page – Allows fans to post photo(s) directly from their phone.
  4. Batch Upload – This option is used primarily by professional photographers working an event to enable them to upload multiple photos at one time.
  5. Device Link – This is primarily used by event/marketing staff and gives access to your camera and gallery on your device. It doesn't require you to submit content to social media with hashtags nor does it store the photos locally on your device.


In a matter of minutes, we can have FANZOOKA set up and good to go. There’s nothing to install since our platform is all web-based. You can also choose to utilize our standard template for your screens OR you can utilize your own branded templates. (Or have our developers create one for you.) You can even set up multiple events for the same venue, each with its own custom template and photo stream.


Rest easy knowing that your team will have complete control over the content that is posted on-screen during your event. Every event will have a Moderation Panel that will approve or decline each individual post. With a single click, approved photos/content will almost instantaneously be displayed for public viewing. Moderators can also pull in content from Twitter and Instagram with a single click and is able to remove images from social media posts when/if fans change their accounts from public to private.


When your event is over, your marketing team can then export all of the photo/content for use in additional marketing efforts. Each event includes a single line of javascript that you can copy and paste to add a gallery to your website. The gallery stays current, even as moderator approves and/or declines photos. It also removes images from social media posts when/if fans change their social media accounts from public to private.


  • Display text and video content
  • Leverage metadata from images in custom themes (e.g. geolocation, date and time, etc.)
  • Control moderation and themes based on image content, including: facial expressions, logos, nudity, violence, etc.
  • Photo Contests/Sweepstakes

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