Some of FANZOOKA’S Biggest Fans...


The Bengals licensed FANZOOKA (formerly Photo Hawk) for the 2016 season and received an average of over 320 fan photos per event. They have recently renewed the license agreement for 2017. The Bengals have sponsor-specific templates for their Jungle Vision screens and use FANZOOKA to engage fans during pre-game activities, commercial breaks, injury timeouts, and halftime. The Bengals configure and manage multiple programs for each game. The Bud Light My Team Can advertising campaign is just one of many examples. Fans are encouraged to participate during tailgating activities and during the game. The Bengals’ game-day marketing staff takes photos using FANZOOKA, bypassing the need to post to social media channels. Fans participate directly by contributing photos through Twitter, Instagram or text messaging. Game-day staff moderate the photos in real time.

Our fans have been very enthusiastic about sharing their images through FANZOOKA. It also gives us a great new way to extend some marketing partnerships.

-Brian Sells. Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Bengals